Business Brokers SEO

At Business Brokers SEO, we have a unique approach that sets us apart from other SEO and web development agencies. We are so confident in our services, we will begin our partnership by getting your website ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing results before you pay us a dollar. We believe our approach allows us to create a foundation of trust based on proven results so we can move forward to build your firm’s online identity and grow your reach.

Phase 1: The Crawl

During the Crawl phase, We will take your website from where it is today to first page results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing — all before you pay us a dollar. During the crawl phase, we expect your website to rank well on anywhere from 50 to 250 of the keywords you have chosen.

The Crawl phase is an opportunity to establish a strong marketing and SEO strategy that we will use later to help your firm come out ahead in more competitive markets.

Why do we provide this service without payment? We hope that providing your firm with strong rankings in good faith, you will be happy to compensate us for our performance.

After you are confident in our approach, we hope you will be willing to expand your budget and begin to Walk.

Phase 2: The Walk

After we have established some online visibility for your firm’s website and you are beginning to rank well for chosen keywords, it’s time to implement effective strategies to begin competing in more competitive markets.

Reaching Page 1 results for competitive markets and achieving high conversion rates takes a more in-depth strategy. During the Walk phase, we will fine-tune your website to make sure it is optimized to convert visitors. It’s also time to begin buying packages from high-authority websites to put your marketing budget to work for you and develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy and branded blog distribution network to increase your brand awareness and increase leads. During this early stage of your marketing strategy, paid marketing (pay-per-click or PPC ads) are an effective way to immediately boost traffic to your website.

During the Walk phase, your lead generation will begin to flourish. The next phase will take your firm’s marketing strategy even further.

Phase 3: The Run

The Run phase is tailored to your firm’s vision, appetite, and market competition. During this phase, we incorporate a variety of proven marketing strategies online and offline to keep your phone ringing, increase brand awareness, and broaden your firm’s reach.

Performance First offers a comprehensive list of services to take your firm’s marketing strategy to the next level:

  • Business directory development to target your geographic areas and practice areas
  • Pay-per-click ads, Facebook ads, and other forms of paid marketing
  • Traditional radio and television marketing
  • Video production and optimization
  • Citation building
  • Social media management to build your firm’s identity, reach a broader audience, and capture leads
  • Online reputation management to suppress unwanted search results associated with your brand and highlight positive information about your firm, including branded social media profiles, your firm’s website, press releases, and news items.

Are you ready to see what our Crawl, Walk, RUN approach can do for your firm? Contact BBSEO today to begin crawling toward Page 1 rankings without paying a dollar.

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